Curtain Rods in Wood, Brass and Wrought Iron

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Gallery of curtain rods. Please click on any image to view an enlarged picture of the curtain rod and it's technical details.


80mm (1-2) 60mm (2+)

gardinenstange tuillerieGardinenstange PinieGardinenstange LoewenkopfGardinenstange Widderkopf Gardinenstange Knoten Gardinenstange Knoten



Gardinenstange Pferdekopf Vorhangstange WidderkopfGardinenstange Widderkopf Gold Gardinenstange Pinie 50mmGardinenstange Louis MessingVorhangstange Louis MessingGardinenstange Pfeil und BogenVorhangstange Pfeil und BogenGardinenstange PalmetteGardinenstange Palmette Bronze AntikGardinenstange Palmette Antik PatinaGardinenstange Foliage Antik Mahagony


Gardinenstange Globe Eiche AntikGardinenstange Louis Messing poliert und zaponiertGardinenstange silber patiniertGardinenstange silber patiniertGardinenstange Silber lasiertGardinenstange Boule



Gardinenstange FlammeGardinenstange Palmette MessingGardinenstange Louis MessingGardinenstangen Louis Bronze AntikGardinenstangen Louis MessingGardinenstangen Palmette Patina AntikGardinenstangen Chou-FleurGardinenstangen BiedermeierGardinenstangen Messing Antik PatinaGardinenstangen Louis MessingGardinenstangen Lilie Messing Bronze AntikGardinenstangen Messing Antik Patina


Gardinenstangen Palmette Nickel glaenzendGardinenstangen Facette MessingGardinenstangen Messing Antik PatinaGardinenstangen Fleche et PlumeGardinenstangen Fleche et Plume MessingGardinenstangen Messing poliert und zaponiertVorhangstangen Messing poliert und zaponiertGardinenstangen GruenspanVorhangstange Palmette Antik PatinaVorhangstange Messing poliert und zaponiertGardinenstange Nickel glaenzendVorhangstange Messing poliert


Gardinenstange Weiß und GoldGardinenstangen Dunkles MahagonyGardinenstange Schwarz - GoldGardinenstange Messing zaponiertGardinenstange Boule MessingGardinenstange Kugel MessingGardinenstangen Messing RondonGardinenstangen Nickel MattGardinenstangen Weiß - Messing poliertGardinenstangen Schwarz - Nickel glaenzend Gardinenstangen Messing Boule Gardinenstangen schwarz - Nickel poliert


Vorhangstangen Endstueck MessingVorhangstangen Endstueck Messing Vorhangstangenendstueck Fleche et Plume Vorhangstangenendstueck Boule Vorhangstangenendstueck Messing Vorhangstangenenstueck Messing Gardinenstangen Gold Gardinenstangen schwarz-gold Vorhangstangen weiss-gold Vorhangstangen weiss-gold Vorhangstangen weiss-gold Vorhangstangen weiss-gold


40mm Gardinestangen Garnituren aus Holz

Gardinenstangen Holz Pinie gebeiztGardinenstangen Holz Eiche lasiertGardinenstangen Holz Nussbaum lasiertGardinenstangen Holz hellbraum marmoriertGardinenstangen Holz MahagonyGardinenstangen Holz Nussbaum lasiertGardinenstangen Holz Weiss - BlattgoldGardinenstangen Holz Verwittert



Vorhangstangen Nickel MattVorhangstangen Messing poliertGardinenstangen 30mmGardinenstangen rote RoseGardinenstangen weisse RoseGardinenstangen Messing poliert Gardinenstangen Messing 30mmVorhangstangen Messing 30mm



Gardinenstangen Traube Antik PatinaGardinenstange 20mm Messing - HolzGardinenstangen 20mm Antik PatinaGardinenstange Messing 20mmVorhangstangen Messing 20mmVorhangstangen Messing 20mm Vorhangstangen Messing 20mmVorhangstangen Messing 20mmVorhangstangen Messing 20mmVorhangstangen Messing 20mm



Gardinestangen SchmiedeisenGardinenstangen Schmiedeeisen Gardinenstangen SchmiedeeisenGardinenstangen SchmiedeeisenGardinenstangen EisenVorhangstangen Schmiedeeisen Gardinenstangen Eisen


Schienensysteme - Varia Alu-T-Schiene - 27

Gardinestangen SchmiedeisenGardinestangen Schmiedeisen Gardinestangen SchmiedeisenGardinestangen Schmiedeisen



Varia Curtain Poles recreates the classic curtain rod originated in the 18th century.

Established in 1851, our foundry located in the north of France, rich in history and craftsmanship has been able to reproduce curtain poles and accessories of the highest quality, much in the same way as they were in the 19th century.

Our finials are of massive brass cast in sand mold, which are then tumed, chased and polished by hand. Designs with relief can have an added patina to create depth.

All wood accessories are made of seasonal French forest woods, which have been hand sculpted, then aged. The wood products are hand-stained and afterwards hand finished either with beeswax, lacquer or gilding.

Our wrought and worked iron products are also an important part of our collection. Solid iron and handmade, these unique pieces add a bold mediaeval yet modem style to our classic collection.

Our products are made of noble material and handcrafted. In your hand you can feel the difference. After installation they will endure the test of time…